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At Graeber, Davis & Cantwell, we practice law because we want to help people. We believe that justice can be accomplished, but only through hard work. Every day, our attorneys work hard to achieve justice and help people overcome challenging legal matters.

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Ready To Resolve Any Legal Challenge

We are a full-service law firm, ready to resolve any legal challenge. Our law firm features experienced Quincy family law and divorce lawyers. We also handle criminal law, real estate, landlord-tenant law, estate planning, personal injury and more.

We thrive on challenges and are prepared to take on large opponents. From day one, we build every case for trial. We do the research. We gather the facts. We design a courtroom strategy. In reality, most cases are settled, but it is our trial preparation that gives us leverage in negotiation. Our opponents see that we are prepared to take the next step and, rather than face us in the courtroom, they may be more willing to agree to our terms.

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Your Case Deserves Care And Attention

Legal matters are often personal, particularly in the area of family law. You want an attorney you can trust with details about your life and your goals, an attorney who will listen to you and customize a legal strategy according to your needs. That is what we do. We pride ourselves on building caring attorney-client relationships and giving each case the attention it requires to succeed.

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Boston Custody And Support Attorneys

Whether you need help with a family law issue like child custody or support or you are faced with any other legal matter, we can help. Our law firm is conveniently located in Quincy, just 12 miles from downtown Boston. Call 617-221-3548 or email today.